One Button Capital's report for July 2022 is live.

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Our mission at One Button Capital is to help cryptocurrency investors to get the best return on their capital with simple user experience.

Our Team

The team at One Button Capital consists of entrepreneurs with web3 product development expertise, data scientists, and technologists. We combine the best talent with the backgroundin product, finance, and technology (AI + blockchain)
Enkhbat Enkhtaivan
Backend and AI Developer
Roman Zhuravlov
Head of Marketing
Art Abrio
Community Manager
Dhemz Pontioso
Admin & QA Manager
Travis Murphy
Investor and Community Relationship Lead
Uneeb Asim
Content Writer
Volodymyr Truba
Backend and AI Developer
Hritik Verma
Researcher and Investor Support
Ivan Klyzhenko
UI/UX Designer
Danail Velchovski
Lead Content Writer
Yiqun Fang
Product Designer
Laurance Gerges
Graphic Designer

Our Advisors

Cahill Camden
CMO at Byte Media Group, Coinberry, Author of "What Is Cryptocurrency"
Kristina Lillieneke
Blockchain, AI & Crypto Specialist | Founder & Innovator | Academic Research
Tom Bruno
Portfolio Manager / Quantitative Developer
Charles Russell
Head of Advisory at Arca Invest, G4 Capital Partners
Michael Sites, Private Equity | AI, Crypto & Blockchain
Robert Kuijvenhoven
Enterprise Architect at Gocos
Ben Syne
Founder @ Blockchain Portfolio Management | Algo Trading System Designer
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Our Values

At One Button Capital, we strive to make a meaningful impact in the industry. We believe that the following three aspects are key components of our journey to success: purposeful mindset, meaningful communication, and effective execution.
1. Purpose Mindset
1.1 Growth
1.2 Curiosity and continuous learning
1.3 Positivity
1.4 Agile and lean
1.5 People > Process
1.6 Customers first
2.Meaningful Communication
2.1 Transparency
2.2 Empathy
2.3 Trust
2.4 Collaboration
3. Effective Execution
3.1 Autonomy
3.2 Dealing with obstacles
3.3 Taking ownership
3.4 Devil is in the details
3.5 Work smart > work hard

Our Investment Thesis

We believe in:
  1. Constant evolution and ever-changing dynamics of markets
  2. Fully automated and science-driven investments
  3. Machine learning and AI over human judgment
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Our Technology

Our machine learning and neural network based trading technology helps investors to optimize portfolios of cryptocurrencies and outperform the market for as much as +5.14% on average per month.
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Our Products

One Button Capital app is an online platform where you can connect your cryptocurrency exchange (e.g. Binance) and use our AI for portfolio optimization.

We helped more than 20,000 crypto holders to get better return on their capital.
OBC Fund
One Button Capital fund is a premium offering for institutional clients and high-net-worth individuals.

In the fund, we manage capital directly and use proven and the most successful AI strategies.

Our Customers

Allow me to say I love it. Together with the other bots users, we love the transparency and the concept of having control and visibility on what happens on your Binance account.
Yves Janssens
Investor, Active User
I have only been using OBTrader for a few weeks now, but I am very satisfied so far. I especially appreciate the transparency and dedication of the team. You guys are always ready to help and think with the user, and even on the weekend, I get a response from support. I really notice that the OneButton team works on the product with a lot of fun and passion. I would say for now: Keep up the great work. 🚀
Stan Reinhout
Investor, Active User
Some bots started well, and suddenly the market outperformed them, and I was wondering what's going on. But in the end the market turned and the bots were right. One button capital is the easiest and best, and they are developing further bots which as far as I know have even better results.
Investor, Active User
There is no other product on the market that can match the capability of OB when the optimal market pair and AI is matched. OB is the market leader when it comes to developing AI, as proven by these results over a 135d trading period. Trading on spot, going +25% in a -55% market is insane.
Investor, Active User
Only real problem will be, convincing my friend that the bots can actually be this good, lol.
Jeff Kash
Investor, Active User
I always wondered how they developed such effective algorithms? OB is one of the fewer tools that can beat the Buy-and-Hold strategy
Maikel van Oirschoot
Investor, Active User
I think my Astral is broken, its just started printing money.
Investor, Active User

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We regularly prepare insightful reports and case studies about crypto trading and the blockchain industry.

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